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Things to Do in Thailand
Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world to visit. There is so much to see and do and Bangkok is so big that if you don’t know the best things to do in Bangkok then you will probably miss out on a lot of the cool stuff. Here we will guide you through Bangkok’s hottest attractions so that you can be sure to see everything you want during your stay in this great city.
Chiang Dao
Thailand's highest limestone mountain can be found here amidst a jungle oasis with an excellent selection of local accommodation. A mystical warren of caves extending some 14km (8.7 miles) can be explored, and riding a bicycle is a relaxing way to explore the area around Chiang Dao.
Visit Chiang Dao
Elephant Nature Park
Visiting an elephant sanctuary can be a wonderful experience especially if you stick to those, like this nature park, which genuinely care for the animals instead of just making them do ridiculous antics. Visitors can help wash and care for the elephants here and no riding is allowed.
Bangkok's Siam Ocean World
Dive with the sharks in the aquarium at Bangkok's Siam Ocean World, and live to tell the tale. There's a daily feeding of sharks and penguins and the deep reef zone is a fascinating glimpse into a magical underwater world.
Visit Siam Ocean World
Learn traditional massage
Learn traditional massage and the healing properties of herbal medicine at ancient Wat Pho, ‘Temple of the Reclining Buddha’. Tourists must be in polite dress, shorts are not permitted.
Massage in Thailand
Bangkok Butterfly Garden & Insectarium
Visit the enclosed butterfly garden inside Rot Fai Park to see hundreds of butterflies and plenty of other insects, too. The park is just adjacent to Chatuchak Market and if you’re not into bugs, the surrounding Queen Sirikit park offer plenty of pretty flowers to look at.
Bangkok Butterfly Garden
Visit Temples
Bangkok has dozens of amazing temples and many of them are free to visit.  Wat Mangkorn Kamalawat in Chinatown, Wat Indraviharn in Dusit, and Wat Patum Wanaranin central Bangkok (nestled in between Paragon and Central World Plaza shopping malls) are just three beautiful and interesting temples that don’t charge any admission fee.
Temples in Bangkok
Sea Gypsy Village and wild Monkeys 
A small island on the east side of Phuket, connected with a small bridge to the main Phuket island. If you drive over the bridge and then continue 1 km and look at the right side of the road you will find a place where you can see wild monkeys. There are mostly local thai people coming here to feed the monkeys with bananas and chew nuts, if you are lucky the monkeys will grab that directly from your hand.
Sea Gypsy Village
Pattaya is a party person's dream spot. Pattaya is mostly known for it's prostitution, and is similar to Patpong, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy, however, it is also known as a massive party town and one of the best cities to experience Thailand's famous Songkran Festival. It has a little to offer everyone, but if you're easily offended by women in skimpy outfits and old men walking down the street with 20 something year old women, you may want to avoid this city.
Walking Street is it's main attraction, which is lined with massive night clubs, go go bars, and seedy brothels disguised as pubs. Definitely not a place you would want to visit with the wife and kids. It's more of a place for young people, or old single men looking to relive their youth. There's a few excellent places in town for shopping, such as the Tesco Lotus and Big C.
Visit Pattaya
Phuket is mostly for people who enjoy the beach life. It's a quiet area that comprises many other smaller areas such as Kata and Kamala. The nightlife in Phuket is not as wild as other areas in Thailand, with the exception of Patong. Patong is a miniature version of Pattaya, very seedy, very crazy and uncensored. If you're a party animal, Pattaya should suffice and you may want to skip Phuket. The beaches are excellent though and very scenic. Kata View Point is probably the most scenic area in Phuket, which offers magnificent views of the beaches and capes below. Prom Thep Cape is another area that offers beautiful scenery. It's mostly known as the best spot in Phuket to view the spectacular sunsets.
Visit Phuket
Take a river boat on the Chao Phraya river
No visitor to Bangkok should miss seeing Bangkok from the river. A great way to get around Bangkok without the hassle and hustle and bustle of traffic  is by the Chao Phraya Express. There are stops all along the river bank and its a quick and cheap way to get from one place to another.
Chao Phraya River
Climb Wat Arun
Wat Arun is on the other side of the river and can be accessed either by taking a taxi across the bridges, or by cross-river ferry. The Chao Phraya Express also has two stops on that side of the river. Thon Buri Railroad Station and Phrannock. Wat Arun is named after Aruna, the Indian god of dawn and stands at around 79m high. It is covered in broken pieces of porcelain and is clearly visible on the bank of the river. You can climb the steep steps of the temple to see the spectacular views it offers of Bangkok.
Wat Arun - Thailand
Thailand has some of the best spas in the world. Every type of massage, and treatment is available at some of the best prices you will find anywhere.
Spa in Thailand
Thailand's spas offer an unparalleled level of elegance, luxury and pampering, and massage and traditional medicines (both Thai and Chinese) are not only rooted in the country’s past, they are active ingredients of the modern Thailand. Meditation is a core component of everyday religious activity and a commonplace activity. Yoga and forms of healing have been naturally embraced, and well-being centres and retreats emerge on a daily basis.
Snake Farm
The snake farm is one of the largest producers of anti-venom Serum in Asia, and before going on to the show, they will explain to you how Serum is made, the difference between snakes and some other useful tips, such as what to do if you are faced by one. After the educational period you are led outside, shown around the different snake pits and then  to a stand where they will show you a snake show which includes feeding and other entertaining tricks. If you are a bit queasy around snakes sit at the back of the small stand. The snake farm can be found on Rama IV, opposite the Suriawongse Road, and not far from the Pan Pacific Hotel.
Snake Farm -Thailand
Trekking and hiking in Pai
Walking straight out of Pai town gives you only fairly limited options as a lot of the surrounding area is open farmland and you have a fair distance to cover before getting into the forests and hills. Walking along the river bank is better, especially once you've got out of town and away from the bungalows a bit. Mae Yen Waterfall is one of the better hikes doable from town. Head over the bridge, take the second left and it's around 7 km through some of the closest hills to town, so you'll soon leave the road and be walking up a pleasant wooded valley where the path crisscrosses the Mae Yen Stream.
Trekking in Thailand
Ride an Elephant
A popular thing to do in Thailand and throughout much of South Asia is riding elephants. Riding an elephant differs from riding a roller coaster or a go-kart. Feeling each lumbering, slow step is something that everyone will love--whether you want to feel like a queen or king on the back of an elephant or you just want to indulge your inner animal lover. Buy a few bananas at the elevated stands on your trip and see your elephant's capabilities. You'll fall in love with an animal and an experience that you'll never forget. 
Elephant ride -Thailand
Duty-free shops are located at Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Had Yai airports as well as in the King Power Complex on Bangkok's Sri Ayutthaya-Rangnam Road. Items can be purchased there and delivered to the airport in time for the departure flight.
Shopping in Thailand
Textiles, handicrafts, antique reproductions, ceramics and jewellery are available. All major cities and popular tourist haunts will offer some or all of these although Bangkok and Chiang Mai have the greatest range and excellent markets.  
Floating Market
The most famous floating market is some 80 Kilometres outside of Bangkok. You can take an organised tour, or take a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal. Everyday, hundreds of vendors boats crowd the market area early morning until around noon. You will be able to travel around in boat and see a little of what Thai village life is like. Although do remember that this is now a very famous excursion / tourist attraction so it will not be your normal Thai village. It is best to get there early.
Floating Market -Thailand
Thailand Nightlife
Thailand is almost made for the people who really come to life when the sun disappeared, the light are switched on and fun times start its a night clubber's dream. Nightlife in Thailand overwhelms you like a tsunami and off you go, you usually have a good time but sometimes it hurts, mostly the hangover the next day.  
Nightlife in Thailand
Bangkok offers a wide range of entertainment venues, from nightclubs, pubs, bars, cinemas and restaurants, to massage parlours, pool halls and cocktail lounges. The nightlife is concentrated in three districts of Bangkok - Banglamphu, Patpong (between Silom and Surawong roads), Sukhumvit Road and the nearby street of Soi Cowboy.
Many venues are open all day and late into the night, although bars and clubs are supposed to close at 0200. Sometimes there is an admission fee but this usually includes one or two drinks. The dress code is very relaxed, although a few of the nightclubs do enforce smarter clothing.
Bangkok has more nightlife than probably anywhere in the world. Popular locations include Sukhumvit, Khao San Road, Ratchadapisek and countless other locations. These are the most well known areas. These are the more upscale locations, though those looking to find a partner for the night may be more attracted to places such as Patpong, Soi Cowboy, and Nana Plaza. 
Patong Nightlife
If you are looking for nightlife in Phuket then Patong is the number one choice. Patong has a lot of bars, discos, karaokes massages and a gogo bars with beautiful thai girls (bar girls).
Although there is a heavy nightlife in Patong, It is suitable for families with kids anyway because the nightlife is centralised to just a small part of Patong, Bangla Road and Soi Sunset and if you avoid these streets on evenings and nights you will never noticed it.
Patong Nightlife
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