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Things to Do in Brazil
Scuba diving
The waters surrounding Brazil offer some excellent diving opportunities. One of the best sites is Fernando de Noronha, located in a small group of islands off the coast of Pernambuco.
The visibility is normally very good and there are plenty of spectacular caves to explore. There’s also lots of marine life to see including; dolphins, turtles and manta rays. 
Iguassu Falls
Located where the waters of the Iguazu River cascade off the Parana Plateau, Iguassu Falls are a wildly popular site for visitors from all over the world. These massive falls are divided by small islands into close to 275 distinct waterfalls, ranging in height from 200 feet to 270 feet. Devil's Throat, a massive narrow u-shaped gulch, accounts for approximately half of the falling water, and at 270 feet high, 490 feet wide and 2,300 feet long, makes for an impressive sight. The falls are reachable by bus from the town of Goz do Igacu. Visitors can take a double-decker bus tour through Igacu National Park to the falls, where the canyon-side walkways feature an extension just to the lower base of Devil's Throat.
Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour
This is a rare opportunity to view Rio de Janeiro from the air. See the city nestled against the backdrop of powerful granite mountains and the Atlantic Ocean twinkling at their feet. The flight takes in the Maracana Stadium, the golden beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the Christ Statue on Corcovado Mountain, the Sugar Loaf and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake. You will be able to take some of the most spectacular photos of your visit to Rio.
The flight takes in the Maracana Stadium, the golden beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the Christ Statue on Corcovado Mountain, the Sugar Loaf and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake.
Churches in Brazil
Churches turn out to be one of the top places for sightseeing in Brazil. Some of these churches include The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia, The Don Bosco Sanctuary and Temple of the Legiao da Boa Vontade. These churches are visited by a large number of people from all over the world. Among these The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia is one of the top attractions. This church was built in the year 1970 by the famous architect and designer Oscar Niemeyer. 
Museums in Brazil
Brazil is also known for a large number of museums. These museums are also a part of some of the top destinations for sightseeing in Brazil. Some of the top museums in Brazil are The JK Memorial, National Museum of Gems, Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), The Central Bank's Values Museum, The Tancredo Neves Memorial, The Press Museum as well as the Indigenous Peoples Memorial. These  museums will also help you in knowing the culture and traditions of the country. This will also help you in knowing more the people living there. 
Water Sports in Brazil
The Water Sports in Brazil means a lot of sporting activities like canoying, surfing, coasteering and even kite flying in the fresh sea faring wind. The hotels in the coastal fringes of the land offer exciting opportunities in  water sporting events that bring out the real flavor of the Brazilian water sports. 
The Barra du Cunhau is an ideal destination for the sport enthusiasts to conduct the exciting water games in Brazil. Along with the fantastic food and the excellent accommodation at the resort you get the grand opportunities of Brazil water sports like surfing and canoying. 
There are opportunities for excellent and rejuvenating water sports in the outskirts of Jericoacoara, a place famous for National Park, Bela Vista and one of the first Pousadas built in that place. 
Itacare is a place that offers excellent Water Sports in Brazil. Located in the middle of the green lush of the great Atlantic rain forest, Itacare in Bahia boasts of waterfalls, sunsets and palm lined beaches being a haven for the surfers from around the world to engage themselves in the exciting water games in Brazil.
Jungle Safaris in Brazil
The jungle safaris in Brazil will help you in viewing the flora and fauna of Brazil in a better way. This will also help you to know the environment as well as the wildlife of the  place in a better way. It will also provide you with an insight of the place.
The Amazon is the best place for providing you some of the best jungle safaris in Brazil. 
Amazon safari is one of the best. This is one of the jungle safaris where you will be camping deep into the jungles. Here you will find the Parana Do Mamori River System and also the upstream Rio Juma. Here you will also be able to visit the Cabloco Villages as well as come to know about the jungle survival methods. This will be an extremely exotic tour for you as well as the people traveling with you. This is one of the places where you will be out of the beaten tracks. You will also get the jungle survival tips as well when you go for the safaris. This is one of the places where you will be familiar with the wilderness of Brazil.
Manaus Opera House
Known by the name Teatro Amazonas, Manuaus' opera house is one of the most famous in the country. During the day, take a tour through the opera house to learn about its rich history, such as details about some of the renowned singers who've visited. In addition to scheduled shows, which vary throughout the year, complimentary opera performances are common during evening hours
Brazil Mountain Tours
Brazil mountain tours are a welcome prospect for travelers looking for an adventurous trip in the colorful country. Brazil is a country with a diverse topography. You will find here hills, mountains, plains, highlands, scrublands, savannas, rainforests and amazing beaches. The pristine beaches are one of the main attractions of this vibrant country. 
For mountain tours in Brazil, most of the travelers go for the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The Sugar Loaf Mountain Tour is one of the most popular Brazil tours. It will do you good if you get to know some background information on the mountains. From Rio de Janeiro, you will be taken to the neighborhood of Urca Hill, whose main attraction is the Sugar Loaf. One of the most enjoyable Brazil mountain tours, the Sugar Loaf trip is done through 2 steps by cable car.
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