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Tourist Visa for Thailand
If you are planning to visit Thailand for more than 30 days you will need a Thai Tourist Visa. The Thailand Tourist Visa entitles you to stay for up to 60 days in Thailand to holiday and travel, but it does not permit you to work in Thailand.
Nationals of the following countries may enter Thailand without a visa for a visit of up to 30 days, crossing into Thailand by land may only get you a visa valid for 15 days. 
Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil(90 days), Brunei, Canada, Chile(90 days), Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Peru(90 days), Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea(90 days), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam. 
Visa on Arrival
Nationals from the following countries can obtain a visa on arrival and stay for up to 15 days. 
Andorra, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Estonia, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Oman, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, San Marino, Taiwan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. 
Documents Required
  • Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form completely filled out
  • One passport ( 4 x 6 cm.) photograph of the applicant (recent photograph)
  • Air ticket paid in full / copy of travel itinerary
  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request for additional documents as deemed necessary
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