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Shopping in Thailand
Shopping in Thailand can be loads of fun. The most common items for Shopping in Thailand are purses, baggage, clothes, electronic items, toiletries and cosmetics. The local products like Antiques, Thai Silk, Gems and Jewelry also constitute Shopping in Thailand.
Shopping in Bangkok is an experience to thrill and delight the most discerning of shoppers - whatever it is you're looking for. From the gleaming chrome and towering size of modern, air-conditioned malls, to the hustle and bustle of its famously buzzing street markets, Bangkok has all kinds of places to spend your baht. With everything from antiquities and the latest pair of trainers to designer jewellery available, Bangkok has an equally exhaustive, and potentially exhausting, variety of things to buy.
Silk of Thailand is very famous the world wide for its purity, strength and variety of pleasing colors and attractive prices. Thai Silk can be used to make ladies dresses, gent's shirts, tie and can be used for home furnishing. You can also purchase readymade Thai Silk clothes. Besides Thai Silk, Thailand is famous for ready-made garments including jeans, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts and nightdresses. You can find all these in myriads of color, fabrics and designs along with very reasonable prices.
In Thailand, you will find large showrooms with large collection of sunglasses, watches, belts and footwear. Select the piece which suits you the best in all aspects be it the shape, size, design, brand or price. If you are looking for cosmetics, there is no dearth of cosmetic shops in Thailand. You will find international brand as well as local ones from which you can take your pick.
Thailand is the largest exporter of gems and gemstones in the world. The industry of cutting, finishing and setting stones has evolved in large scale in Thailand. You can either by precious and semi-precious stones or readymade ornaments, whatever suits you the most. Silver jewelry and other items made of silver can also be purchased from here.
Thailand is known for its traditional craft of lacquer ware. The most popular is the Mother of Pearl inlaid in black lacquer. The art of woodcarving is highly developed in Thailand. You can look for wooden furniture and decorative items made of hand carve wood at good bargains. Many big shops also handle the shipment of the large items so you do not have to worry about taking them back home.
Where to Shop ?
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok is extended over an area of 35 acres and takes pride in holding 15000 shops and stalls. According to estimations, over 200, 000 visitors come to this market every day. By combining all these factors together, it can be said that Chatuchak Weekend Market is the undisputed king of all the markets in Bangkok.
This never-ending labyrinthine warren of stalls sells everything from commercial art to imitation designer-label gear. Whole sections are devoted to pets (including the selling of live reptiles), and there's a huge swath reserved for home-furnishing stalls. Get there early to ensure you can escape before the heat becomes oppressive. This is a great place to see Thailand's rising designer scene.
Suan Lum Night Bazaar
Suan Lum Night Bazaar,  is one of the posh markets in Bangkok. Suan Lum Night Bazaar  features excellent Creative gifts, home items, clothing, jewelry boutique shops by local designers and packaged dried fruits. It has few stalls also which sell the usual market CD's and clothing. Besides the luxurious shopping in this outdoor market, you can also take delight in classical Thai puppetry show organized at the famous Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.
Siam Paragon 
Hailed as the trendiest retail experience around, nothing in Asia quite beats Siam Paragon for its ostentatious glitz, designer brands, plush cinemas, and endless eateries -- and I haven't even mentioned the vast underground oceanarium, Siam Ocean World. It outshines the city's other malls , though Central World, just along the road, is newer and bigger still.
The basement is meant for the food outlets where one can find stores like Subway, Auntie Anne's, Mc Donalds, and Burger King etc. the Mezzanine floor attributed to the beauty parlor and cosmetics. In the first floor there is Lingerie shops, in the second floor one can find the men's wear and the sports items. The third floor is separated for the kids. The fourth floor is the floor of arts and crafts where you can find the shops of the Thailand arts and crafts. The interior decoration of Siam Paragon Mall is fabulous and number of foreign tourists visits this mall.
Pak Khlong Talat
This old riverside flower market is open 24/7, and though its narrow lanes are sometimes hard to get down, it showcases the best of Thailand's botanical offerings. Go late at night, when the blossoms are fresh or, if your home country's Customs regulations allow, pop in before heading home and purchase bouquets of orchids, perfumed ginger flowers, Strelitzia, or unscented roses, all for just a few dollars.
Pak Khlong Talat, is located along the Chao Phraya River. It is a very fragrant and colorful market in Bangkok as fresh flowers and vegetables are transported here every morning from nearby provinces.
Sukhumvit Road Street Market
Sukhumvit Road Street Market, Bangkok is basically about vendor stalls located on one side of Sukhumvit Road. If you are coming from Bangkok 'center' to enter Sukhumvit Road then these stalls will be found standing to the left side of it. It is little bit difficult to walk at normal pace when you are in between soi 5 and soi 21 or Asoke road.
Bangkok's Chinatown
Chinatown, also called Yawolat after the neighborhood’s main street, has been a Bangkok shopping destination for decades and has everything from wholesale shoes to fresh markets to Thai silk. If you can handle the crowds, heat and confusion, this is the best one-stop shopping neighborhood in the city.
Lying south of Dusit and Banglamphu, Chinatown is one of the oldest areas of Bangkok as Chinese merchants were originally moved to this area in the early 1780's when Bangkok was founded. In this chaotic area, the hustle and bustle of Chinese hawkers, vendors and peddlers will amaze you as you browse through the shops and market stalls. Even though the area is known for its variety in traditional Chinese herbs, medicines, gold shops and textiles are also available here.
Klong Thom Market
Always congested but ever popular, Klong Thom's charm is unrefined, yet undeniably worthwhile. Second-hand goods are always valued at this old-fashioned flea market, regardless of their condition. Hardware and electrical appliances are Klong Thom's major commodities. It seems everything can be put on sale here. No need to spend your money, a troll around Klong Thom could be an experience in itself.
Patpong Night Market
Patpong Night Market is very popular with tourists, but there's no real good reason why. It's got the same combination of souvenirs, fake brand name items and cheap clothes as in any tourist area in the city, but prices are way over the going rate. Bargaining very hard is essential to get a good deal, and the touts for the go-go bars for which Patpong is most famous can be aggressive.
CentralWorld in Bangkok
Central World is the Largest Lifestyle Shopping Destination in Bangkok a one-stop destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Located in the vibrant center of Bangkok, Thailand, the striking complex covers an expansive 550,000 square meters and is home to over 500 shops and boutiques, over 100 restaurants and dozens of first-class entertainment and recreational outlets.
Central World offers shopping, eating, culture and relaxation. The center's incredible size and diversity of choice, complimented by innovative exhibitions, offers and promotions reinforces its position as the largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok. CentralWorld puts the fun back into shopping, dining and entertainment.
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