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Shopping in Germany
Find a plenty of areas to shop in any of the major cities with the majority of the options located in its center. Just about anything the heart desires can be found, particularly within Berlin
You can find a number of Big stores in many city suburbs, and even in some city centers. Hela Baumarkt and Hornbach, for example, are do-it-yourself stores.
 MediaMarkt and Saturn, on the other hand, offer appliances, home electronics, music and video as well as computers and telephones. Ikea and Moebel Martin have their own outlets.
There are also the "hyper-stores" such as Real, Kaufland and Globus Handelshof which offer a wide range of products including groceries, household goods, beverages, pet supplies, clothing etc.
These hyper-stores are housed within shopping centers and often coupled with a few other large specialty stores.
Then there are the German discounters such as Aldi and Lidl, which enjoy an almost cult following and specialize in groceries and a weekly rotation of items ranging from textiles to toys or office supplies at unbeatable prices.
Cologne's Shopping Street
The pedestrian zone in the city center of Cologne, called Schildergasse, is the busiest shopping street in Europe with nearly 13,000 people passing through every hour, it even makes London's Oxford Street take second place.
The Schildergasse offers international department stores and modern architecture, but the street has a long history; it dates back to ancient Roman times and was open for business in the Middle Ages.
Frankfurt's Shopping
The premier place to shop in Frankfurt is the shopping street Zeil, especially the area between Konstablerwache and Hauptwache. 
Also called "The Fifth Avenue" of Germany, this shopping street offers everything from chic boutiques, to international department chains for the discerning shopper.
Zeil Galerie, a 10 floor shopping center, which is famous for its spiral shaped interior and a viewing platform that offers the best views of Frankfurt.
Frankfurt city centre
Frankfurt's shopping is as varied as its cityscape. The skyscraper-dominated skyline contrasts with historical Romerberg square by the town hall, while the nearby Braubachstrasse is popular with lovers of art and antiques. The town centre and the neighbouring shopping streets are all within walking distance.
KaDeWe department store Berlin
KaDeWe is one of Germany's pioneering department stores. As early as 1907, it provided its customers with a staggering range of goods across five huge floors. The allure of the finest quality goods is as strong today as it ever was. The food hall on the top floor is legendary.
The Zeilgalerie is a shopping mall directly located at Zeil. Not only can you enjoy the futuristic interior, you can also visit the numerous trend shops, which mainly attract young people. 
You should definitely pay the roof terrace of Zeilgalerie a visit – the entrance is free of charge and you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the skyline.
Shopping In Berlin
Berlin has long come in from the cold to become a shopping centre for fashion, antiques, furniture and home accessories. 
Each of Berlin's districts feature its own shopping zone. The famous Kurfurstendamm (Ku'damm) is home to the clothes shops, boutiques and department stores. All the grand names of fashion and perfume have their outlets here. 
Friedrichstrasse is home to many of Berlins more elegant outlets. A large branch of the French Galleries Lafayette department store opened here recently. The Unter den Linden is close by which offers a number of boutiques, mainly located between Friedrichstrasse and the Brandenburg Gate.
In Munich, the main shopping areas are at Old Town, around Neuhauser Straße, Kaufinger Straße and Marienplatz. The specialist shops in Munich are renowned for their quality products such as unique antique and paintings, books on art, architecture and design, and musical instruments. Besides such shops, gift and souvenir shops abound in Munich. Some items to get include the traditional beer mug or bottle, Bavarian costumes, folk art and even decorative ceramics.
Shopping in Munich is not cheap but this is offset by the generally high quality. You'll discover world-famous brand names and designer goods sitting side-by-side with traditional Bavarian crafts.
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