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Shopping in Egypt
Shopping in Egypt is a wonderful experience with the wide variety of shops and shopping malls in the different Egyptian cities. While Egypt Shopping, tourists can find quality antique items as well as modern ones in the Egyptian shops and markets. There are many modern-day shopping malls, which can be found in the Tehrir Square area. 
One of Egypt’s best shopping experiences is Cairo’s medieval market Khan-el-Khalili. Everything from cheap souvenirs to household goods, reproduction ‘antique’ jewellery, spices, brass, copper utensils and cotton goods fill the narrow noisy alleyways. There are also modern shopping centres and small fashionable shops, particularly near Cairo’s Tahrir Square. In Alexandria, antique stalls cluster the Attareen neighbourhood. Luxor’s souk is mainly geared for the tourist market, but it’s a fun place to wander around in the evenings.
The most important thing, which tourists should know while shopping in Egypt, is the art of bargaining. While some shops have fixed prices, some others require a great amount of bargaining skill to get the best item at the right price. 
Egypt offers a wide range of shopping delights- beautiful hand-made products from metals (copper, brass), a unique work of alabaster and marble, original clothing made of cotton or wool, jewelry and articles of gold at all, beautiful wood products, perfumes at huge scale supply, papyrus paintings, or as exotic spices.
Cairo  is one of the famous places in Egypt  which have many shopping centers. It is located in and around Cairo. Egyptian products are so varied and can meet various tastes and different levels of in come. It also competes international standards. In Cairo, there are many places where you can do your shopping like the following: 
Souq al-Goma'a Friday Market is a very popular market where visitors of all class can find goods at much cheaper prices. From kitchen utensils and footwear to furniture. One of the best and the most entertaining places to buy fabric is the Wekalat Al-Balah market of Cairo.
Khan al Khalili
This centuries-old souk in the heart of old Cairo is a must for anyone who has the shopping bug or just wants to experience the real hustle and bustle of an Arab city. 
This is the best place in town to buy novelty T-shirts, souvenirs with your name printed in hieroglyphics, and those little bottles of colored sand that have pictures of camels in them.
This is place to purchase antique furniture and decorative pieces, then this place would be perfect for you. This one of the most popular trading areas in the city of Cairo. Aside from that, this district also offers plenty of spices and textiles as well as jewellery pieces. And what's best is that most of these are reasonably priced.
Try the Wekalet al-Balah, for  fabrics, including Egyptian cotton, the Tent makers' Bazaar for applique-work, Mohammed Ali Street for musical instruments, and Mahmoud Abd El Ghaffar in the Khan Al-Khalili for dance costumes.
Hurghada has a lot of good things to offer its visitors. Of the many goodies that this Egyptian sea side city has on offer is the provision for shopping in Hurghada. The city of Hurghada has some of the best and most renowned shopping destinations in the entire country of Egypt. Most of the local crafts that are made in Egypt are the best things to go shopping for in Hurghada. The city specializes in textiles and antiques.
Tent Maker Bazaar
Tent Maker Bazaar is at the end of Sharia Muizz Li-Din Allah in Islamic Cairo. Beyond Bab Zuweila is a short row of wooden bazaar where craftsmen there hand stitch patchwork cushions and wall hangings. They also sell tents in all shapes and sizes
This is also a center of applique panels and covers, sewn in nearby workshops and sold in cell-like spaces that line the passage. Prices are very reasonable and sine if the calligraphic work is very beautiful, making for an interesting alternative to the usual souvenirs.
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