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Shopping Destinations in Australia
Shopping is a popular activity in Sydney. The city is filled with a large number of shopping malls, department stores, specialty stores and glittering markets. On par with the greatest commercial cities in the world, Sydney has it all. 
The main shopping destinations and department stores are located close to each other and many of them are connected by tunnels and overhead walkways. The shops in the city remain open from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Only on Thursdays do the shops remain open until 9pm. 
One of the most famous shopping malls of the city is Queen Victoria Building. This huge shopping center was opened in 1898 and renovated in 1980. An example of Victorian architecture, this shopping zone houses nearly 190 designer brand stores and excellent restaurants. 
Strand Arcade is another famous department store of the city. Opened in 1892, this mall was destroyed by fire in 1976. Recently restored, it houses boutiques, beauty salons, jewelry shops and restaurants today. 
Shopping destinations in Cairns can be broadly categorized into city shopping, shopping centers and local markets. The predominant city shopping destinations in Cairns consist of the Pier Market place, Orchid Plaza and the Cairns Business District. They offer numerous stalls, art galleries and fabulous restaurants with a variety of authentic cuisines. The shops remain open all day and they have parking facilities to accommodate crowds of shoppers. Woolworths, the national supermarket chain, is found along Lake Street. 
Alice Springs 
There are a number of gift shops, boutiques, specialty shops, souvenirs shops and supermarkets in Alice Springs. Visitors can shop for toys, T-shirts, hats, books, jewelry and other knickknacks. However, other goods, such as fine wine and French pastries or antique furniture and designer clothes, also can be found in Alice Springs. 
Melbourne is possibly Australia’s most significant shopping destination. There are two main shopping areas for this city.
The main shopping street would be Chapel Street which is quite the shopping, dining and entertainment precinct for the city. This street caters for everyone, so if you are into high fashion you will be able to find many upmarket fashion boutiques; or if you are looking for something old there are pawnbrokers found here as well.
There is also Bridge Road, which is popular for its clothing outlets and shops that sell clothes created by local designers.
Queen Victoria Market
Athough this market in Melbourne is better known for its fresh produce, there are also a number of stalls selling a variety of other products. Just some of the wares on offer include clothes, jewellery, shoes, fashion accessories, leather goods, fabric, flowers and indoor plants, handicrafts and authentic Australian artifacts and souvenirs, lifestyle products, homewares, gifts and more. It’s open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (except for public holidays) and is a great place to shop. 
Queen Street Mall
The Queen Street Mall in Brisbane is packed with department stores, cafés, designer shops filled with beautiful clothes and shoes, as well as four separate shopping arcades. The mall is for pedestrians only, making it a great place for laid-back window shopping. The mall attracts upwards of 26 million visitors per year.
Rundle Mall
Rundle Mall is Adelaide’s main shopping district. Like the Queen Street mall, it is a designated pedestrian-only zone. Not only are there heaps of beautiful shops, the mall is also home to a huge central market selling a variety of fresh produce. The mall is surrounded by lush green parklands, which provide an ideal place to relax and have a bite of lunch.
Salamanca Place 
Salamanca place is the best shopping destination in Hobart, with a wide range of goods to suit everyone. Apart from the weekly market, there are a large number of retail shops selling everything from art to antiques, clothes, and crafts. Other good shopping destinations in Hobart include the city centre, which has plenty of specialty shops and arcades.
Shopping in Perth
The two largest shopping malls in Perth are the Murray Mall and the Hay Mall. Like many other malls in Australia, these are closed to cars and are pedestrian only. They both have a large range of specialty shops.
Perth is also famous for its opals, pearls and diamonds. Perth is probably one of the best places in Australia to shop for gems and jewellery as it has a huge range of them.
Casuarina Square
This is Darwin’s largest shopping mall, with 175 shops as well as a range of restaurants, bars and even a cinema. As well as lots of little specialty shops selling clothes, homewares, jewellery and accessories (among others) there are also larger retailers and a food court. It is located in Darwin’s northern suburbs.
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