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Tourist Visa Germany
All countries and territories that are members of the Schengen acquis, of the EU or of EFTA do not require visa to enter Germany.
– fully completed application form and required declaration
– two passport photographs
– valid national passport ( valid at least three months. It should also contain at least two empty pages where the visa can be inserted ) and one copy
– original of valid US alien registration card or valid US resident visa (type A, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, O, R) and one copy
– your current bank statement and one copy
– confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage with a minimum of $50,000.- (USD) for trips outside the US and one copy
– reference letter from your employer
– proof of group travel/hotel reservation/airline reservation and one copy
– visa fees
Time required to issue visa
Between two and ten working days to decide on an application for a short stay visa. Applications for visas entitling the holder to a longer stay or to take up gainful employment may take several months to process.
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