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Tourist Destinations in Thailand
Thailand has many wonderful tourist attractions both inland and coastline such as islands, beaches, under the sea, hills, caves, waterfal, natural forests, sightseeing, and historical places, where attract more than 10 millons travellers from everywhere all over the world each year. Not only the beautiful tourist attractions that magnet tourists, it’s also the tropical cilmate, wonderful tasty foods, interesting activities, and friendly Thai people. 
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is also one of the most favorite tourist destinations of the country. The city of several exquisite monuments, it is also lauded for thrilling amusement parks, fabulous shopping and rollicking nightlife. Spa massages of the city are also justly famous.
Bangkok has dominated Thailand's urban hierarchy as well as its political, commercial and cultural life since the late 18th century. Although you can shop in air-conditioned comfort in its Western-style malls, the city is a long way from being tamed by commercial homogeneity.
Vibrant, colorful and cosmopolitan, Bangkok thrives with life all day long. With gleaming skyscrapers, dazzling malls and shops, gorgeous temples and a plethora of luxury hotels Bangkok often surpasses imagination. Visit the floating markets, enjoy the cabaret dancing, taste lip-smacking food, shop at the five star international malls and make the most of the interesting nightlife at Bankok and you will keep coming back here.
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Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai has a striking mountain backdrop, over 300 temples and a quaint historical aura. It's also a modern, friendly, internationally-flavoured city with much to offer the visitor - food, accommodation and shopping are all top quality and cheap, and the nights are relatively cool.
Chiang Mai's plethora of temples will probably exhaust you before you exhaust them. For variety, try a wander round the night bazaar, acquaint yourself with local culture at the musuems, or practice your Buddhist calm under a palm tree in the city's gardens.
Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, has personality of it's own. Often called 'Rose of the North', the tourists visiting Chiang Mai take delight in the treasure of it's historic sites, as well as natural beauty. The namesake province also has the tradition of handicrafts and makes timeless souvenirs. Chiang Mai serves as a wonderful base to explore Northern Thailand.
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Most part of Chiang Mai province is carpeted by forested mountains, where elephants are still commonly used. Bubbling rivulets flow through these mountains making the area ideal for river rafting. The region is also loved by the trekkers. One can use Chiang Mai city as a base for relishing the offers of the countryside. Some prominent attractions of the province are Mae Klang Waterfall, Borichinda Cave, Mae Ya Waterfall and Ob Luang Gorge. Chiang Mai Zoo is also a nice place to visit.
Krabi Town is the provincial centre and is a beautiful spot, strung out along the west bank of the Krabi estuary, with mangrove-lined shorelines to the east, a harbour filled with traditional old fishing vessels and looming limestone outcrops in all directions.
Krabi has been luring tourists relentlessly for decades. The lovely place possesses all the ingredients of an ideal vacation destination, including a wide range of hotels and accommodation, excursions and tours to suit all tastes. Amazingly beautiful palm-fringed beaches, rejuvenating spas and unique but lovely limestone caves. Assisted with all necessary modern accoutrements, Krabi has become very popular among visitors.
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Koh Samui
A beautiful island off southeastern Thailand, Koh Samui is well laden with beautiful green coconut plantations and palm-laciniated beaches. Once a backpackers' Mecca, it has today flourished to become a complete tourist resort. The beaches like Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai are popular. They offer good swimming and snorkeling facilities. If you find them a little crowded, go to Mae Nam beach to seek more peaceful and quiet environ. 
Samui has everything to offer, from relaxing on white sand beaches to pristine jungles to a vibrant nightlife. It has different beaches of different landscapes and characteristics but the popular ones are Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut & Maenam. Great facilities as well as a wide range of accommodations ranging from bungalows to 5-star resorts suitable for all budgets are available throughout.
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A variety of restaurants of all flavors and nationalities invite for delicious dining. Those who enjoy pampering and rejuvenating will find Samui a paradise of spa and massage. Activities for relaxation, adventure or family abound such as elephant trekking, sailing, diving, golfing. Sightseeing activities include, to name but a few, waterfalls, temples, butterfly garden, zoo, monkey theatre etc.
One of the topmost destinations of national as well as foreign tourists, Phuket has a long array of offers. It's lovely beaches and tropical jungles aside, it also provides delicious food, fabulous shopping and rollicking nightlife to the visitors.
Phuket has several nice beaches, most of which are located on the west coast. Each Phuket beach has it's own speciality. Some are known for peaceful caves, while some are lauded for action-packed adventure. Most famous of the Phuket beaches is Patong, which becomes most vibrant at night. Kamala, Karon, Kata and Surin are some other well-known beaches of Phuket. Nai Yang beach is nice for those who want to have a vacation full of solitude.
Phuket is the destination of the tourists who are ever hungry for stimulation. Patong, equipped with all nightlife accoutrements, is the most prominent center of nightlife in Phuket. Nightlife activities in Patong are centered mainly along Bangla Road, which runs with the Beach Road.
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Phuket City nightlife is blended with local flavour. A trip to the city is worthwhile if one desires to mingle with the locals. Nightlife in Karon is a subdued affair. Most late-night restaurants and bars are located around Karon Circle and Luang Pho Chuang Road. Kata has good cluster of bars along Taina Road, although it has few clubs or discos.
Phuket is great place for shopping with myriad shops selling all types of goods. From noisy street stalls and local shops to huge departmental sports, Phuket offers a lot of variety. Pearls, gems and jewellery, silk, batik cloth, seashells, nielloware, cashew nuts, and birds' nests are some souvenir you can purchase in Phuket. Shopping activities are centered in and around Patong, Karon and Kata beaches, as well as Radsada Road, Phang Nga Road, Montri Road, and Yaowarat Road in Phuket town. 
Pattaya is a sea side resort which has won international acclaim. A vibrant city, it displays fusion of nationalities, cultures and influences. The city has nurtured itself as a tourist destination for decades and hosts an array of tourism-related activities. It can be safely said that a tourist to Pattaya is never short of amusement.
No mention of Pattaya is complete without beaches. Some parts of the beach are crowded and vibrant, while some are largely tranquil. The busy sections have facilities like shops, bars, restaurants, discotheques, and spa resorts. They take care of full enjoyment of the visitors. Tourists who are fond of solitude can find refuge in tranquil sections. 
Pattaya offers a range of spa treatments to the visitors. Thai spa massage is known all over the world for it's therapeutic effects, particularly in providing relief in muscular stiffness and pain. Many quality spas in the region serve the tourists and also present before them variety of spa massage services.
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Pattaya is loved by those fond of making merry in nights. Bars, discos, cabaret, clubs, massage parlors etc. Pattaya has an array of options. No surprise then that Pattaya lures thousands of visitors, most of whom love nightlife. South Pattaya is specially known for it's nightlife.
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